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This is a requirement of all growers shipping out of California. Any plants shipped with soil and pot may be destroyed upon discovery, depending on your state. 

Shipping bare root is easier on the plant, and saves you on shipping costs! 

How to Pot Your Recently Shipped Cactus

Cacti tolerate shipping extremely well! As long as your weather is above freezing, or below 100 degrees, chances are, cacti can be shipped to you without fuss. 

Once unpacked, pot your cactus in a new pot just barely larger than it is. If possible, use a pot the same size as what’s indicated in the cactus description: 2″ pot, 4″ pot, and so on. Ensure the soil mix is dry, and once the cactus is placed in the soil, leave it in bright, indirect light for about a week before working on adjusting it to its final placement. 

Do not water for at least one week after potting your cactus; freshly repotted plants should have at least a week or more for their roots to heal from the microscopic damage that occurs when potting. 

Visit to Steve Hammer – the Lithops houses

I had the fortune to visit Steve Hammer earlier this year, right at the start of fall, and was able to see some incredible plants. Here’s the lithops I was most enchanted by!

3 Big Tips for Indoor Plant Growing Success

Growing plants indoors is a whole set of challenges that are distinctly different from growing them outdoors. I'll preface this post with a note that due to my climate, I don't grow any succulents indoors at all, and would never consider any cacti indoors. All of my...

Care Diary: Notocactus uebelmannianus, AKA Parodia werneri

Today, let's talk about a cactus that is a dainty little favorite of mine: Notocactus uebelmannianus (try to say that 5 times fast), or Parodia werneri (much easier to pronounce).  It's a small, unassuming little species that is hardy, easy, and very forgiving of...

Care Diary: How to Grow Ledebouria socialis

Inspired by seeing that Keri of @succulents.and.clay recently picked one up, I thought I'd describe care for one of my favorite not-quite-succulents: Ledebouria socialias. These funky little bulbs are fantastic. I found one little bulb of a Ledebouria socialis years...

Growing Anthurium pendens From Seed

This anthurium is a species I didn't really set out to acquire, but instead, was gifted a berry from a friend of mine to try growing for myself. Since I was already successfully growing Anthurium magnificum from seed, why not give these a go?  To my delight, the same...