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Happy Plant Shopping! 

You can view my return & arrival guarantees at the bottom of this page. The short summary: I don’t accept returns, but if something arrives in poor condition, I’ll do my best to make it right. 

All plants are grown by me in my Southern California greenhouse, which is not open to the public. I denote plants grown from my own seed, propagation, or from purchased seed (and where that seed was sourced). 


This is required by CA law, but it has several side benefits, including lower shipping costs and ensuring no pests have hidden under the soil in the roots. 

I only ship within the US. If you’re local to San Diego, I do vend at the SDCSS monthly meetings as often as I can! I tend to bring a wider variety, including specimens where I only have one or two and haven’t put them on the website yet. 

How to Pot Your Recently Shipped Cactus

Cacti tolerate shipping extremely well! As long as your weather is above freezing, or below 100 degrees, chances are, cacti can be shipped to you without fuss. 

Once unpacked, pot your cactus in a new pot just barely larger than it is. If possible, use a pot the same size as what’s indicated in the cactus description: 2″ pot, 4″ pot, and so on. Ensure the soil mix is dry, and once the cactus is placed in the soil, leave it in bright, indirect light for about a week before working on adjusting it to its final placement. 

Do not water for at least one week after potting your cactus; freshly repotted plants should have at least a week or more for their roots to heal from the microscopic damage that occurs when potting. 

Returns & Guarantees

I don’t accept returns due to the plants being unlikely to survive or thrive when shipped for days on end back to back. 

I do guarantee that the plants should arrive healthy, in good condition, and ready to be potted and start growing for you. I ship via USPS, and most orders should take 7 to 10 days at most to arrive (usually far less). 

I cannot guarantee live arrival if it is below freezing when the plants arrive, so check your weather. Daytime highs over 95, or the box being left in direct sunlight can also cause issues. 

If your order does not arrive within 10 days of being placed, please email me at [email protected] so I can look into it for you! 

If your plant arrives in poor condition (dying, falling apart, brown, mushy, etc) please take a photo of the box and email it to me with details about your weather, where the box was placed, and if you’d like a replacement or a refund. I’ll refund the cost of the plant, but not shipping.

I am a (very) small business of one person, but I’m happy to help where I can. Just let me know when you have a question or concern! 

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