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This is a requirement of all growers shipping out of California. Any plants shipped with soil and pot may be destroyed upon discovery, depending on your state. 

Shipping bare root is easier on the plant, and saves you on shipping costs! 

How to Pot Your Recently Shipped Cactus

Cacti tolerate shipping extremely well! As long as your weather is above freezing, or below 100 degrees, chances are, cacti can be shipped to you without fuss. 

Once unpacked, pot your cactus in a new pot just barely larger than it is. If possible, use a pot the same size as what’s indicated in the cactus description: 2″ pot, 4″ pot, and so on. Ensure the soil mix is dry, and once the cactus is placed in the soil, leave it in bright, indirect light for about a week before working on adjusting it to its final placement. 

Do not water for at least one week after potting your cactus; freshly repotted plants should have at least a week or more for their roots to heal from the microscopic damage that occurs when potting. 

Care Diary: Gymnocalycium vatteri

I love Gymnocalyciums, and these are one of my absolute favorites. With an appearance that looks like they were chiseled into shape, mild spines, and huge, showy flowers, there's a lot to love about these cacti! Species Description and Distribution Gymnocalycium...

The Greenhouse Saga

I've been slacking a little lately in adding new species to the collection pages, as well as keeping my posting routine consistent - and there's a good reason for that! For the last couple months, a massive chunk of my free time has been spent on finally building a 14...

Care Diary: Echeveria “Bambino”

Echeveria Bambino! A cute little hybrid I picked up from a Hawaiian importer that has some absolutely beautiful plants. This one was a hybrid I picked up because I thought, originally, it'd be a fairly pale and powdery hybrid (I was going through a distinct farina...

Care Diary: Aloe suprafoliata, or the Book Aloe

The Book Aloe is an uncommon species that is extremely striking as a juvenile, but seldom recognized in its adult form. I discovered the species during the COVID lockdowns in 2020, and picked up a handful to grow up and eventually use as landscape aloes (and also to...

How to Arrange a Succulent Painting

A recent project I wrapped up just in time for winter rains was the addition of this stone alligator to our front courtyard area. After a trip to Mexico for my brother's wedding, we picked this up on our drive home. I didn't have a plan for it, just a general idea of...