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This is a requirement of all growers shipping out of California. Any plants shipped with soil and pot may be destroyed upon discovery, depending on your state. 

Shipping bare root is easier on the plant, and saves you on shipping costs! 

How to Pot Your Recently Shipped Cactus

Cacti tolerate shipping extremely well! As long as your weather is above freezing, or below 100 degrees, chances are, cacti can be shipped to you without fuss. 

Once unpacked, pot your cactus in a new pot just barely larger than it is. If possible, use a pot the same size as what’s indicated in the cactus description: 2″ pot, 4″ pot, and so on. Ensure the soil mix is dry, and once the cactus is placed in the soil, leave it in bright, indirect light for about a week before working on adjusting it to its final placement. 

Do not water for at least one week after potting your cactus; freshly repotted plants should have at least a week or more for their roots to heal from the microscopic damage that occurs when potting. 

Care Diary: Pilosocereus azureus – or is it pachycladus?

This probably should have been my first blog post, as Felicia the Cactus was really what kicked off the level of collecting that has become my norm. I've had this cactus since October 2015, making it one of the cacti I've owned the longest (next to the Echinopsis "LA"...

Anthurium warocqueanum – Growing the Queen Anthurium

These beautiful, velvety-leaved plants are breathtaking when full sized. The photos online have captured the desire and imagination of nearly any houseplant enthusiast who's seen them, and I'm no exception. I'd always thought they would be too hard to care for, or too...

Growing Aloes, Cacti, and Euphorbia from Seeds

Growing cacti and succulents from seed is an exciting idea. For many growers, growing from seed may be the most inexpensive way to get a highly coveted species. In some cases, it can be an ideal way to get extremely rare or hard to grow species (very common for mesemb...

Care Diary: Astrophytum capricorne

Many people love the Astrophytum myriostigma and its lack of spines (and many cultivars), but there's a different cactus in the Astrophytum genus that holds my heart: Astrophytum capricorne. There are, as with the myriostigma, many cultivars and clones of this...

Variegated Monstera deliciosas – Thai Constellation and Albo

These two monsteras are two of the jewels of my tropical plant collection. Easy, forgiving plants that thrive even with our temperature extremes, haphazard fertilization schedule, and even more haphazard watering regimes.  I posted about my Thai constellation several...