Cerochlamys pachyphylla var. albiflora


Rare white-flowering species of mesemb. US seed-grown, limited quantities.

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Despite being a rare and harder to find species, Cerochlamys pachyphylla is easy to grow and produces large, showy blooms. Has somewhat waxy, greenish leaves that blush with red edging in bright light or cold. A winter grower that is not particularly fussy, they look their best and bloom in the colder months of the year. With some water and protection from extreme heat, they will continue to grow and may even bloom through summer months as well.

The typical species tends to develop more of a reddish hue, and produces pretty, delicate-looking flowers with lavender/purple edges and a white center. Albiflora, as the name would suggest, produces white flowers and is considerably more rare.

Needs excellent drainage to prevent root rot, and despite being a winter grower, should not be allowed to get too wet in cold months. Water when the leaves start to wrinkle or prune up in shape; if not kept consistently, can develop some scarring. Some of these plants have this scarring on the outer most leaves, it is minor and the scarred leaves will disappear by next winter.

Keep in a very bright exposure for winter months, but protect from too much direct sun in summer.

I have grown these myself from Mesa Garden seed, lot 3783. Limited number, and once these have sold, I have no more seedlings or seeds. These are just about large enough to start blooming, although I haven’t seen any flower buds yet. I would expect them to start blooming next winter at the latest.

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