Welcome to the Garden! 

I talk about growing plants: the ones in the ground, the ones in pots, indoors, outdoors, and inbetween. You can buy some of my seed-grown or propagated plants by clicking the “shop” menu item, or just visit the blog and collection pages to see what I’m growing and learn about them. 

crassula columnella

Specializing in cacti and succulents

I routinely grow cacti, succulents, and mesembs from seed in seasonal batches. I collect my own and order from reputable, ethical growers in the US or from a few global growers known for ethical seed production. 

Understanding the Natural Environment

Many of these plants come from environments that are dramatically different from how we try to keep them in cultivation. If your region differs dramatically from their natural environment, you’ll have to adapt your care routine and tactics to best cultivate your favorite species.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Each plant needs slightly different care, although many can be grouped together for efficiency or for arrangements. Check back for updates to maintenance routines and general best practices!