Care and Collection

My personal collection, care information by rough plant grouping, and care records of the plants I keep.

There’s no real rhyme or reason.

I like what I like, and keep what does well for me. I have a few coveted species, and plenty that you may never have heard of. This is a labor of love, so bear with me as I figure out how to organize it all! 

Xeric Species

Tropical Species

and counting…

astrophytum myriostigma variegated

Cacti and Euphorbia 

While they can look similar, cacti and euphorbia are not the same! 

I’m more of a cactus fan than a fan of euphorbia, but I have both in my collection. This is where I’ll be adding the care sheets and overall care records for the cacti I keep. 

There will also be care information for cacti and euphorbia I sell, but don’t necessarily keep – I only have so much space! 



These range in size and shape from tiny little crassula and mesembs to giant agaves and aloes. 

These have seen a huge boom in popularity in recent years, with fancy varieties and selectively bred or cultivated specimens becoming a collector’s obsession. I won’t be documenting cultivars so much here; I’m more of a species purist. 

You’ll also find care information for plants I sell but don’t keep long term here. 

crassula columnella
velvet leaf anthurium

Tropical Plants  

Outdoors, I have my xeric plants everywhere – if there’s sun, there’s a cactus or succulent there. 

But indoors, and in the shaded patio areas outside, I keep plenty of tropical plants, too. There’s large landscape plants, like plumeria or hibiscus, but my darlings are also my jewel alocasias and velvet leaf anthuriums. 

I only offer these for sale occasionally, and if you’re interesting in any of these, sign up for the email list to hear when I have new cuttings available! 


Exotic Plants

Why do I have a frankincense tree, and how am I keeping it alive? 

This is where I’ll talk about my exotic trees, shrubs, and assorted exotic plants that don’t really fit in one of the above categories. 

 Look here for any ficus species, bonsai trees, or air plants. 

Once in a while, I have cuttings of these available – get on the email list to hear about them first!

(that’s an Aloe castilloniae on the right until I get a better photo of my exotics!) 


crassula columnella