Lithops fulviceps v. lactinea – C222


Seed grown Lithops fulviceps var. lactinea, Cole Number C222

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Grown from Mesa Garden seed; these were sown 2021 from seed batch 1592. Grown in partially shaded greenhouse conditions.

Native to a very small area, found typically on limestone slopes. Pale, grayish flesh with darker gray pebble-like texture on top, with red veining through the top. This particular population (C222) is known for the pink-gray bodies and red veins through the pebbling on top, while other populations can be a flatter gray or greener in hue, with little to no veining. Very attractive, hardy species that is on the easier to grow side of the lithops-growing spectrum.

Blooms with cheerful yellow flowers, typically in fall prior to splitting.

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