Lithops aucampiae ssp. euniceae var. euniceae cv. “Bellaketty”


US Seed Grown Lithops aucampiae ssp. euniceae var. euniceae cv. “Bellaketty” 

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A very attractive cultivar of Lithops aucampiae, grown from Mesa Garden seed (no Cole Number designation). Lithops aucampiae is another hardy, easy to grow Lithops species that is ideal for growers still learning their climate and conditions for successful cultivation of Lithops.

The particular subspecies and variety of this Lithops grows near Hopetown, South Africa, and has characteristic markings that make it easy to recognize. Unlike the original specimen, cultivar “Bellaketty” has a background of bright green, with evenly spaced lines and a dark green center with varying shades in the center spots. Produces white flowers where the nominate variety produces yellow.

Very limited numbers of these available. US shipping only, shipped bare root.

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