Notocactus buiningii – 20 seeds


20 seedsĀ of Notocactus buiningii – a beautiful, fast-growing cactus with huge yellow blooms.

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To sow the seeds, place on damp cactus soil (at least 50% inorganic matter) in a warm, bright place. Cover with a thin layer of play sand or silica, then keep the pot in a humidity chamber, or cover the top with a clear cover (cling wrap, glass, or plastic) to keep humid.

Germination should take place within 7 to 14 days, although some seeds can take longer. Keep humid for about 2 to 3 weeks after germination, then remove the humidity cover. Keep them somewhere very bright, but protected from direct sun - a south or west facing window, indoors, works well, or use grow lights.

Once the seedlings have grown past their germination leaves and the weather outside is above 50F at night, you can move them somewhere sheltered outdoors to continue growing. They should be a size ready to transplant to individual pots in about 1 year.


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