Aloe “Intense” – Kelly Griffin Hybrid


Extremely rare Kelly Griffin aloe hybrid “Intense”; shipped in the US only.

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Huge pups from my Aloe “Intense” plant, acquired from Kelly Griffin as an unreleased new cross from his personal projects. You can see an update from mid-winter 2024 here, showing what the hybrid looks like when grown in a more shaded exposure and much more plentiful water. These are not available commercially yet, making them an extremely rare hybrid.

I love this hybrid and the deep, intense colors it gains with exposure to bright light and some stress from low water. They’re a larger hybrid and appreciate space: these have been rooting in 6″ pots, and I highly recommend potting them up into at least that size or even a size bigger once you get yours unpacked. They will quickly expand to fill their pot, producing large, robust heads that will rival your original plant in size very rapidly.

Happy with lows down to the high 20s, as long as they are protected from frost and can warm up to about 60F during the day. Extremely forgiving of high heat and will happily take frequent water in hot and dry months.

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