Aeonium “Sunburst” Crested Form


Well-rooted Aeonium “Sunburst” crested form. Fast-growing winter growers that can get quite large and twisted over time. Potted in 2″ pots.

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Aeoniums are beautiful, winter-growing succulents that are easy to divide and propagate if you desire. These are the crested "sunburst" forms, meaning that their growth point is mutated and instead of growing as single, flower-shaped rosettes, they have snaking, curving growths that seem like they must have come from an alien world.

Pot in well-draining succulent soil. Regular water in cooler months is ideal, although they should still be allowed to dry before being watered again.

Full sun is ideal, although your newly shipped plant should be slowly acclimated to full sun exposure or the leaves may get sunburn. In summer, you can keep them growing well even through the hottest months, but they will look their best and grow the most in winter.

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