Echinopsis “L.A.”


Well established pups from my mature Echinopsis “L.A.”, a named cultivar known for its profuse, pale pink blooms. Growing in 4″ pots.

FIRST IMAGE IS THE MOTHER PLANT; you will receive a cactus similar to one of the pups shown in the pots.

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Easy growing cactus that thrives with bright light, warm temperatures, and regular watering in summer months.

Hardy down to 32F; colder if protected from frost and kept dry. Thrives in high heat, tolerating temperatures into the 100s if kept well watered. Does well in nearly full sun with only minor protection during the hottest and brightest part of the day, but needs to be acclimated to such conditions over time if moving from a sheltered area, or unpacking a shipped plant.

Pot in well-draining soil, at least 25% pumice mixed with a dedicated cactus and succulent soil is recommended, and water only when dry. A balanced 1:1:1 fertilizer at half strength every other watering at the beginning of the growing season can help encourage prolific and repeated bloom cycles.

Main featured photo is my mother plant; these pup as profusely as they bloom, and will produce small offsets that you can easily remove and gift to friends. Does well in a container, but even better if it can be planted in the ground.

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